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Style Bright Green?

Posted on March 22, 2013 at 6:45 AM

What do you wear with a bright green dress? Recently, I wanted to wear my apple green dress for the first time. I always planned on wearing my white jacket and belt with it, but it was still cool outside and I wanted to wear something warmer. I tried on every jacket and cardigan I have to see what, if anything, would combine with such a bright green dress. Surprisingly, a lot of things worked. I did not expect that because I don't often wear bright colors. When I thought about why each successful combination worked, I found the answers in the color wheel. 

This color wheel is crude. It's just a bunch of spools of thread that I have, but it will work for this demonstration. A basic color wheel has six colors. Three primary colors; red, yellow and blue. From these three colors all other colors are made, including the next three colors on our wheel called secondary colors: green, orange and purple. We could keep mixing colors almost indefinitely, but we will stop at twelve. 

Now let us look at the combinations.

1. Monochromatic - Different shades of the same color. This is one of my favorite color combinations. It tends to be more subtle. 

2. Analogous - This scheme uses colors next to each other on the wheel. Another one of my favorites, it also tends to be subtle and harmonious. 

3. Complimentary - If you want your colors to look their most vivid, use complimentary colors. These colors are found directly opposite each other on the color wheel. 

This was good, but what if you wanted more color? 

4. Split Complimentary - This is our first color (our green dress) plus the colors on each side of it's complimentary color. Here, I am using the complimentary color too (this probably does have a name). 

5. Triad - This is three colors that are spaced evenly apart on the color wheel. 

This leaves us with neutrals. Neutrals technically do not appear on the color wheel.

6. Neutrals - This first neutral is a tan, cream and gray animal print cardigan. I like the harmonious look of this particular combination. 

If you want more contrast, do a dark neutral (navy jacket) with this "light" dress.

This was fun! Check out what you have hiding in your closet that can be combined in new ways.

Oh! What did I end up wearing? I wore the neutral animal print sweater. I know what my friends are saying right now, "predictable".

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